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9/19/2017 2:28:19 PM


Overview - Beaches - Points of Interest - Schools - Chamber of Commerce - Plymouth Lodging

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Plymouth was historically discovered on December 6, 1620 by an expedition party from the Mayflower, then moored off Cape Cod. The famous Plymouth Rock landing is said to have occurred on December 11. After the Mayflower itself sailed into Plymouth Harbor on December 16, New Plymouth was established on December 23. 

Over the next hundred years, Plymouth grew as an independent settlement until 1692 when it became part of the Massachusetts Bay Colony. Today, the area is heavily visited as a tourist destination because of Plymouth Rock and the popular Plimoth Plantation, a living representation of 17th Century New England life.


  • Duxbury Beach
  • Plymouth Long Beach
  • Scusset Beach
  • Whitehorse Beach

Points of Interest

  • Plimoth Plantation - This is a living museum depicting 17th Century New England. There is also an authentic reproduction of the Mayflower, called Mayflower II. The Plantation is open daily from March through November. A combination ticket is available for the Village and Mayflower II. For information call (508) 746-1622.
  • Antiquarian House - Built in 1809, this structure is a 19th Century merchant's home.
  • Brewster Gardens - This park commemorates where the Indians first taught the Pilgrims to catch herring and its spring is thought to have been the colonists' original water source.
  • Burial Hill - One of the first fortifications built by the Pilgrims stands on this site. They aimed a cannon at the harbor for protection.
  • Coles Hill - The Pilgrims secretly buried their dead here without grave markers. Their purpose in this was to hide their casualty numbers from the Indians.
  • Jabez Howland House - This 1666 house is the only residence remaining intact of those built by members of the original Mayflower party. It was owned by John and Elizabeth Howland.
  • Jenney Grist Mill - This operating replica of the 1636 Jenney grist mill is situated on a beautiful pond. The mill still grinds corn for visitors throughout the summer.
  • Massassoit Memorial - Here on the top of Coles Hill stands a statue of Massassoit, Chief of the Wampanoag Indians. He befriended the Pilgrims and taught them many valuable skills, enabling the settlers to survive that first bitter New England winter.
  • Mayflower Society House - This house was built in 1754 by Edward Winslow, the great-grandson of Pilgrim Governor Winslow. It now exhibits a wide array of historical items from the 17th through 19th centuries.
  • Plymouth National Wax Museum - This museum has 150 characters in 26 scenes and recounts history using lights, sound and animation.
  • Plymouth Rock - It is believed that when the Mayflower expedition party landed on December 11, 1620, the Pilgrims' first steps were taken on this rock. Guides dressed in period costumes staff the memorial to answer questions about this historic event.
  • Pilgrim Sarcophagus - Over time, the unmarked graves of Pilgrims who perished during the first harsh New England winter gradually became washed out of the ground. Thus, in 1921, a granite sarcophagus was erected with a plaque commemorating this first loss of life to the colonists.
  • Richard Sparrow House - This homestead, built in 1640, is reportedly the town's oldest residence. Its first floor contains one of the only known 17th Century fireplaces still intact. The overall structure itself is a prime example of period architecture.


  • Cold Spring Elementary School
  • Federal Furnace Elementary School 
  • Hedge Elementary School 
  • Indian Brook Elementary School
  • Manomet Elementary School
  • Mt. Pleasant School
  • Nathaniel Morton Elementary School
  • South Elementary School
  • West Elementary School
  • Plymouth Community Intermediate School
  • Plymouth North High School
  • Plymouth South High School
  • Plymouth South Middle School

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